Complete rim lockset. Has the date 1888 stamped on both the lock and the door strike. Doorknobs are made of metal. Comes with one key. Complete antique rim lockset. Model #R-100
Price: $185.00

This is a rarity! A complete solid brass rim lockset with solid brass doorknobs and keys.The doorstrike is missing. Works beautifully.Comes with one key.
Price: $185.00

Norwalk rim lockset from 1871 with two non-threaded doorknobs and spindle. Complete with one day. Complete Norwalk rim lockset. R-103.
Price: $175:00
This lock was probably for a large gate door or the like. There is no date or other markings. Made of metal. Measures approx.15" wide. Comes with 24" cast iron key. In good condition.
Antique Gate Door Lockset.
Price: $595.00