Padlocks fit for a king - or that whole kingdom for that matter. These padlock powerhouse will get you noticed! Made of neither iron, steel or solid brass and with sizes starting at six inches and higher they would make either King Kong or Godzilla proud(and anyhow you what they say about people with large padlocks right?)
The IRO-1 padlock comes in a black finish with a rotating keyhole cover.
Height: 5"
Depth: 1.5"
Width: 3"
Weight: 4.5lbs.
Price: $135.00
Rental: $8.50/Day
Senior-6 padlock has a solid brass body and a steel shackle.
Height: 5"
Depth: 1.5"
Width: 3.5"
Weight: 6.5lbs.
Price: $145.00