Looking for quality wardrobe and skeleton keys for under $10.00? Then you're in the right place. Most of these keys are made of a zinc alloy and usually come in three different finishes: chrome; brass and antique brass.
The Bicycle in Brass
Price: $10.50
The Bicycle in Antique
Price: $10.50
The Brussels in Antique
Price: $10.50
The Brussels in Brass
Price: $10.50
Colonial in Antique
Price: $10.50
Colonial in Brass
Price: $10.50
Antique finishes
Price: $14.50
Brass finishes
Price: $14.50

The Notre Dame
Chrome finish only
Price: $5.50
The Fan.
Solid Brass
Height: 2 1/2
Price: $9.50
The Parisian
Available in Brass